Art of Cooking: The Best Countertop Appliances to Complete Any Kitchen

Every home has its basic kitchen countertop essentials but you can equip your kitchen with some additional appliances to perfect your cooking, baking and to have an overall better and more convenient kitchen experience. Below is a list of the best countertop appliances that will bring your kitchen to the next level.

Food Processor – Food processors can chop, slice and shred neatly and easily. Plus it can knead dough, grind meat and can cut butter into pastries. The powerful pulsating action of the sharp blades gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Blender – From crushing ice with ease to blending fruit and veggies into scrumptious lump-free smoothies, a blender is a perfect tool for that morning or afternoon shake.

Immersion Blender – Handheld and very easy to use, an immersion blender makes it quick and simple to puree soups, blend vinaigrettes and whipping cream.

Slow cookers / crockpots – This convenient appliance simmers food gently – its easy to throw in ingredients before you head to work for the day allowing it to cook to perfection by the time dinner time rolls around

Toaster Oven – Get rid of the traditional toaster and replace with a toaster oven. Toaster ovens double as mini ovens and toasters, perfecting small jobs like preparing side dishes, reheating pizza, toasting bread and many other dishes.

Rice Cooker – Getting your rice at the perfect consistency can be tough depending on what type of rice it is or what dishes you are making with it. A rice cooker is a foolproof way of making a variety of rices at the best quality.

Stand Mixer – This is a fantastic tool to own if you do a lot of baking – it mixes with ease heavy duty batches of pizza dough, stiff cookie dough, bread batter and whipped cream.

Drip Coffee Maker – You haven’t had a true cup of coffee until you’ve experienced coffee from a drip coffee maker. Drip coffee slowly drips the coffee into the pot creating a smoother and more velvety brew.

Electric Knife Sharpener – Easy to use and turns your knives into almost better than brand new – the diamond abrasives can make a severely damaged knife look and cut to perfection.