Goodbye Teak, Hello Eucalyptus! 3 Rare & New Wood Types We Love in Furniture Design

There is nothing quite as substantial as a solid piece of wood furniture. Teak, walnut, oak, and the hard-to-find maple. The variety of wood used in furniture spans from traditional and antique to eclectic and modern. There are 3 new and rare furniture woods out on the market currently making waves (or concentric circles, rather) throughout the furniture design community sure to have you perusing the web for your next big find.

Eucalyptus Wood

Oscar Outdoor Round Dining Table crafted from solid eucalyptus wood, 3 new rare woods in furniture design |
Oscar Outdoor Round Dining Table crafted from solid eucalyptus wood

Used in perfumes and body essential oils, the scent of eucalyptus is a familiar one. But how often do you see the actual wood from the eucalyptus tree firsthand? This new and rare eucalyptus wood furniture is resistant to rot and decay due to its high oil content. This is why it can be used high-grade outdoor furnishings. It is comparable to teak in durability and warding off pests, but most importantly it has much faster growth levels. It also has a beautiful natural reddish color that darkens with age. The lifespan of eucalyptus can extend 20 – 25 years or more.

Mango Wood 

Sourced directly from India, this hardy and durable wood is a bonafide keeper when it comes to your mango wood furniture designs. Of course, its sources are sustainable so as to not disrupt the delicious ripened fruits hanging from its trees. It is considered one of the highest grade woods for its density, durability and strength. It can also be easily cut, therefore a perfect match for furniture makers all over the world.

Acacia Wood 

Many different uses come from the acacia tree. Acacia wood is a highly sustainable wood due to its high growth rate. Acacia wood is a top-grade quality wood with exceptional water-resistance and antibacterial properties. It prevent fungus and mold growth. It is also highly scratch-resistant and durable. For this reason, many people are also choosing to use acacia wood for areas where food is prepared and / or served.