Funky Modern Office Spaces

Ever wonder what it would be like to work inside of a mountain? How about in the woods? Or even on a pirate ship? Well, companies all over the world have built their offices in some of the coolest and funkiest locations. Whether it be in remarkable natural locations or creating their own free-spirited and imaginative world, the architecture, design and beauty of these office spaces are inspiring and incredibly unique.

    1. White Mountain Office – Stockholm, Sweden

This office was originally an anti-atomic shelter converted into a swedish internet service     providers home turf.

  1. Selgas Cano Architecture – Madrid, Spain

Located in the woods of Madrid, Spain, this breathtaking office is situated half way underground with the other half having a glass ceiling allowing nature to completely surround them.

  1. Inventionland – Pittsburgh, USA

This fun and quirky office space features 15 different sets where employees are stationed at work areas located on places such as handcrafted pirate ships, castles and faux caves.

  1. JWT – New York, NY

This building contains no private offices featuring wide open spaces with bright and comfortable furnishings positioned in a “storytelling” communal set up.

  1. Microsoft – Vienna, Austria

This office features tons of playful and comfortable furnishings with themed conference rooms, there is one with an actual playground slide employees can use to get into one of their conference rooms!

  1. Parliament Office – Portland, Oregon

This office is designed using reclaimed and recycled materials giving it a rustic chic look with plenty of areas for workers to play pool, listen to music or lounge around in.

One thing that all these office spaces have in common is their choice of mid-century modern furnishings, contemporary decor and innovative design and architecture. These forward thinking office spaces serve to inspire workers, cultivate creativity and uplift moods all in the knowledge that happy workers make happy businesses and the space you work in can most definitely serve this!