Frank Lloyd Wright Art Exhibit at Chandler Museum

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered one of the grandfathers of mid-century modern architecture and furniture design. An exhibit showcasing various reproductions of his work, blueprints and photography of multiple Wright homes is on display at the Chandler Museum in Arizona.

Frank Lloyd Wright passed away in 1959 but his innovative style still lives on. Wright used abstraction and geometry with forms found in nature as inspiration behind his design concepts. He viewed the home as a whole, where every feature of the design expressed this idea. From the overall structure to the interior space, right down to details of the decor, he created a new contemporary visual language.

Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West Home

Creating seamless homes, often times with high ceilings and various rooms, not separated by bulky walls was a staple of Wright’s home designs. These smoothly continuous spaces utilized the nooks and crannies in remarkable ways that served functional purposes for the families living in them.

Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater Home

For example, a wall separating a dining room and living room, is used as both a partition and as a storage space or bookshelf. Other architectural accents include the “window wall,” a permanent divider with narrow casement windows, creating a corridor and division while maintaining the congruity and continuity of the space.

Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House

Many of his furniture designs experimented with rectilinear geometry and more complex geometric forms. These designs play with abstraction and angular planes. His chairs, tables and lamps, noticeable yet minimal, blend into the environment perfectly.

View the original Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West Chair at the Chandler Museum
Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin Home

Wright’s architecture and design was about creating an environment that adds value to the way a person lives their life. Through beauty, harmony and unification, Wright’s designs played an integral role in the mid-century modern lifestyle.