Foam Block Outdoor Furniture in Clean Posh White

Giant foam outdoor furnishings strip down the already minimal look of cubist style to its bare essentials with pure white color and bold seamless shapes. 

Foam Block Outdoor Furniture in Clean Posh White zen now club collection |
Zen Club Now Collection Foam Block Furniture sold by

These thick, solid, and unabashedly simple designs are essentially a combination of artistic styles rolled into a single piece of furniture. Some of these styles include de stijl / neoplasticism, cubist and neotenic. All of which fall under the category of true modern design. 

Comfortable, plush, and plain (in a good way!) the Zen CLUB NOW Collection and more modern foam outdoor furniture is sold by

Foam Block Outdoor Furniture in Clean Posh White stand daybed and ottoman with resort cot daybed and L-roll cushion |
Stand Daybed Corner/Ottoman (Shown with Cot Resort Daybed & L-Roll Cushion) sold by

They are made from structural foam with several pieces in these collections using 95% recyclable materials. This type of foam naturally conforms to the contours and movement of your body. Although it is soft, plush and cozy, it is also firm, without losing its structural integrity overtime. 

Their recognizable forms come in a variety of basic 3-dimensional shapes, while others take on more complex designs without compromising their fundamental, true-to-geometric, silhouettes. 

Foam Block Outdoor Furniture in Clean Posh White pool club now collection |
Pool – CLUB NOW Collection sold by

Ergonomic comfort rooted in minimalism, these modern foam block outdoor sofas, chic lounge chairs, and poolside chaises will give your exterior the posh, pure, dreamy style made in design heaven.