Sculptional Kitchen Decor: Carafe + Cups Tea Set

Is it a bird? A plane? NOPE! It’s a posh sculptional tea set doubling as an artistic table centerpiece. If you take tea time as seriously as we do, you may even have a cozy tea room, a well-lit sun room, or a stylish outdoor patio area for enjoying your hot and cool (al fresco!) beverages in a serene setting. Anywhere you set Fors Studio’s Carafe + Cups, you will find it gently blows new life into your home’s ambiance.

Fors Studio's Carafe + Cups Tea Set Creates Sculptional Art Centerpiece and 1 carafe with 2 teacups beverage functional display ceramic bone china |
Fors Studio’s Carafe + Cups Tea Set Creates Sculptional Art Centerpiece / Modern Display made from bone china ceramic carafe and 2 matching teacups. Unique design can be used with all kinds of beverages including refreshing mojitos, cool spring water, and hot or cold tea.

Each set comes with a tall carafe and 2 teacups. Its organic and soft sinuous lines create an enticing visual display from every angle. While each piece is hand-glazed and made with fluidly sculpted variations in its solid motion, all dishware in the set neatly tucks in next to one another. This beautiful display of fragmented pieces creates a perfectly paired 3 piece tea set, coming together to embody a unified sculpture of color and form.

Carafe + Cups Tea Set is made from a durable and chip-resistant ceramic called bone china. The carafe’s handcrafted wooden lid is made from solid, exotic wood from self-sustaining forests. This new elegant sculptional tea set is available in 6 colors, including jade, rose, coral, white, grey and charcoal. It can also be used to serve any type of beverage, including but not limited to: hot and cold tea, fresh-squeezed lemonade, a small batch of refreshing sangria, zesty mojitos, or a cool carafe d’eau.