Exterior Design: Decks

Sitting out on my deck, overlooking the vast landscape of my home town growing up as the sunset rolled in brought me such an exuberant amount of peace as a child. Exterior design and landscaping has always been an essential for suburban homes.

The wood harvested wood for decks were initially taken from old growth forests, these forests typically consisted of atlantic white cedar, redwood and western red cedar.
There is has also been an increase in the import of tropical woods such as teak, mahogany and ipe. These tropical hardwoods being imported has been noted by environmental specialists as “detrimental to the overall health of the forests”. The import of these woods, partially, is due to the demand of hardwood for decks.
As eco-friendly alternatives took market, the demand for composite materials for decks is increasing, an overall great progression. The materials used in the composite material is typically made of wood pulp and recycled plastics.

In 1870, Atlantic City constructed the first boardwalk of the United States. This boardwalk was constructed of Atlantic white cedar but, as time went on, both New York City and Atlantic City both switched to Red Cedar.
Decks can be a great experience for the friends and families for those warm summer barbecues and gatherings! It is recommended when investing or building a deck to look to the eco-friendly options firstly for materials.