Earthen Style & Earth-based Interior Design

Earthen interior design is a mixture of contemporary and earth-based materials for a rustic, bohemian and modern style all rolled into one.

The most distinct feature of earthen style are cob, adobe and earthen plasters in the buildings infrastructure. In some homes, this style can even resemble the inner dwellings of a cavern with its amorphic shapes, fluid lines and organic forms.

Fixed seating areas, shelving, staircases, chimneys and other furnishings seamlessly blend into the walls, while others appear to naturally extend from the walls as part of the interior landscape.

Earthen furniture and home accents are made of organic materials with a natural composition. Handwoven baskets, rustic wooden tables, handcrafted pottery, rattan lounge chairs, wicker dining chairs, textile wall art, bamboo pendant shades, natural geodes, mineral slabs, living plants and cattails are just a few of the decor items you may find in earthen interior design.

Their natural beauty along with their natural imperfections are not just welcomed but a distinct and necessary characteristic within the earthen design aesthetic.

You can achieve earthen style in your home by adding more organic accents to the space. The versatility of this style can be combined with a variety of interior design settings such as contemporary, mid-century modern, eclectic, bohemian, rustic and even industrial.