Divide a room with fabric

Whether you live in a studio apartment and want to separate your bedroom from your living space or if you reside in a dorm or share a room with someone and you just need more privacy, this can be done quiet easily by hanging fabric. All you need is fabric that will compliment your room or long curtains, curtain rods, drywall anchors, drill, screwdriver, a pencil and a measuring tape.

If you’re using curtains, you’re ready to go, otherwise, you’ll need to sew a loop on the top to feed the curtain rod through and hem the bottom. To determine how long to make your divider, measure from the floor up to how high you want it to go and add five inches. This gives you one inch to hem and four inches to create the loop.

Hang the Curtain Rod

You are going to hang your bracket from the ceiling so use your measuring tape and mark with your pencil where the brackets will need to go. Drill pilot holes first so that you’ll have an easier time installing the screws. Position the brackets over the holes and screw them into place.

Feed the Fabric

Feed curtains or fabric onto your curtain rod and place the rod in the brackets. Step back and make sure everything’s even and if so, you’re done!

Even if you don’t need to divide a room, sometimes hanging a dramatic pieces of fabric, even in a corner, can give a room a focal point it may be missing like an eye-catching piece of art.