Digitally Composed Japanese Garden Series for Minimalist Inspiration

Japanese gardens are a minimalist lovers dream. With open space serving as one of the most important elements that goes into the design, Japanese gardens are admired for their meditative qualities.

Beautiful Renders of Japanese Gardens by Studio Six N. Five padstyle

Design studio Six n. Five, has created a collection of zen-like scenes capturing the simplicity and minimal attributes of traditional Japanese garden design. The series is fictional but intended to inspire the viewer even if not actualized in-person.

The Japanese Garden - Six N.Five padstyle

Their interpretation highlights classical Japanese design with interesting landscape designs. The trees and flora are meticulously stylized and the fixtures consist of geometric, perpendicular lines combined with circular windows, lamps and vases.

The Japanese Garden - Six N. Five padstyle

Designers imagine the scenes with birch wood and cream colored, creating a serenely neutral palette to calm the senses. Water plays an important role in Japanese gardens. In these designs, a indoor pond is realized with perfectly trimmed bushes in varying shapes and sizes. The outdoor scene consists of a wooden seating area which leads into a lake with a trail over rocks serving as the pathway.

Six N. Five japanese gardens padstyle

Low scale platform benches and floor pillows are used as seats indoors with views leading out into the natural landscape. The conceptualized scenes reflect the understated beauty of Japanese gardens, and Japanese designs in general.

The Japanese Garden - Six N. Five padstyle

Japanese Gardens evoke a sense of peace and mindful balance, whether being immersed in real life or seeing them behind a screen in a digital composition.