Creative & Unique Tea Sets from Around the World

Tea time is a practice that goes beyond just having a beverage as a refreshment. In many areas of the world, having tea is a common part of the culture and in some places is even ritualistic. England, China, Japan, India, Morocco, areas of the Middle East and South America, just to name a few, highly treasure the tradition of drinking tea and the varieties of tea to choose from. This is why many tea sets are valued greatly, are passed down as heirlooms or given as very special wedding gifts.

Iridescent Japanese tea cup with matching dish and gold finished accents
Porcelain English tea set with floral “English garden” design lined in gold trim with gold accents

Flowering Tea Set

Transparent glass tea pot with “tea buds” that blossom inside when hot water is poured inside, the tea bud flower and steep in the water creating a beautiful display and a delicious brew

Japanese Tea Set

White ceramic Japanese tea set
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Ceramic with blue celadon glaze Japanese tea set
Image result for japanese cast iron tea set
Asian cast iron tea set

Glass Tea Set

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Fully glass transparent tea set with tea strainer inside of tea pot – for loose teas and naturally heated by a candle underneath

Nepalese Tea Pot

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Pewter Nepalese tea pot with intricate design

Modern Art Tea Set

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Artistic modern art, ceramic tea pot finished with a red glaze and bright gold accent


Chinese Tea Set

Hand crafted cast iron Chinese tea set
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Celadon glaze with dark trim Chinese tea set
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Handcrafted celadon glaze Chinese tea set

The beauty of tea is it is a beverage that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day because of the vast variety of types serving many different uses and purposes. That’s why the adornment of tea sets and the practice of tea time is gaining popularity in the United States – especially as we adapt and integrate more customs from around the world into our daily routines. Perhaps in time we will see tea become as common as owning dishes and flatware. You never know!