Bold Saturated Colors & Funky Shapes in Pop Art Inspired Home

Blast from the past! This unique Edinburgh apartment brings the days of psychedelic 1960s pop art to every inch of its design. Sam Buckley is the mastermind behind this Scotland home design. He uses distinct geometric shapes and interesting repetitive patterns with a fascinating color palette.

1960s apartment design funky design sam buckley padstyle
Funky 1960s Inspired Edinburgh Apartment

From aquamarine and coral pink, to dusty rose and hunter green, the combination of colors is a feast for the eyes. The round, circular and oval shapes remain a constant solidifier bringing the medley of eclectic artwork and mid-century modern furnishings throughout the space together.

These contrasting amorphic, yet stable and definable round shapes are even seen in the fixtures and accented walls. Both subtle and noticeable touches create a dazzling array of bold saturated color and distinguishable pattern. The doors are accentuated with geometric and colorful push plates. The cylindrical vases and striped planters sit upon round side tables and oval mantels with bases that resemble the varied appearance of totem poles. Even the fabrics and textures of the furniture bring an old school 1960s vibe to the scene. Bright velvet upholstered armchairs and fiberglass coffee tables with pedestal bases adorn the living room.

1960s apartment design funky design sam buckley
Funky 1960s Inspired Edinburgh Apartment

The most eye-catching comfort is the large area rug, which is definitely a main focal point in the overall design. In fact, it looks like the entirety of the design was originally inspired from it. This psychedelic area rug has a cubist Picasso painting meets pop art Andy Warhol artwork feel to it.

1960s apartment design funky design sam buckley be good to your pad
Funky 1960s Inspired Edinburgh Apartment

A multicolored funkadelic pad like this one is a sure-fire way to take a trip back to the days when experimental design was all the rage and the freakier it was, the better.