Best Iconic Pierre Paulin Slice Chair Remake You Can Actually Buy for Your Home & Office

The Slice Chair is an iconic design from the 1960’s created by famous designer Pierre Paulin. You can actually buy this well-known lounge chair, as a remake, from high-end mid-century modern furniture dealers. The best high-quality reproductions we have found to-date comes from one specific webstore, The Pierre Paul Slice Chair is called the Regina Accent Chair and it is the best slice chair remake found yet.

Iconic Pierre Paulin Slice Chair Reproduction in Orange |
Iconic Pierre Paulin Slice Chair Reproduction in Orange

Why do we love the Regina Accent Chair? There are a couple of reasons. First of all, we love the cost for this remake. Although it is not an exact reproduction, it has a great price point for its style and quality, meaning anyone can actually afford to buy it. Also, Inmod’s price of a little under $900, is actually for a pair (set of 2 chairs) you are getting even more bang for your buck!

Secondly, we love what it is is made from. It is made from smooth vegan leather (leatherette!) with plush cushioning and chrome steel legs. Thirdly, we love its color options, you can buy in solid white, bold solid black or in bright orange.

Last but not least, it is basically a timeless design with very few aesthetic issues or poor quality design flaws. It is just as retro-inspired as it looks!

Don’t hesitate on purchasing this Slice Chair remake either. Manufacturers are notorious for stopping production on items many of us love because there aren’t enough people buying them. They are worthwhile with you love iconic mid-century modern retro design!