Alternative Living: Water Conservation


In a previous installment of Alternative Living, we discussed the conservation of electricity and ways to cut the electric bill to add a little more spending money to your pocket. In this edition, we will touch base on methods of water conservation in your household, again, conserving to not only the pocket of your finances but, to the Earth.
I’m sure we’ve all heard of the common ways of conserving water in homes. From turning the water faucet off when brushing our teeth to taking shorter showers but,, did you know that 5-7 gallons of water are used per flush of the toilet? If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down is a commonly used saying in water conservation and if you’re comfortable with it, it could make a huge difference in how much water is used monthly.
Dishwashing can be another source of bettering water use. Start by scraping the dishes  of food waste into a compost or garbage. Next, Fill the sink of hot water for rinsing. Get the sponge soapy and wash the dishes, then rinse them in the sink of hot water! In doing this, you eliminate the constant running of water while washing dishes.

Gathering rainwater can be another way to lower the monthly expenditures, use this water to clean dishes or even water plants. Check your state for any laws or regulations restricting the collection of rainwater. There are many ways to collect rain water. Some use simple barrels and others use rain gutters to funnel the rainwater to containers for efficient harvesting and yield.
Everyday that we take a step towards conservation of energy of all kinds, the closer we get to harmonization of all. Granting abundance for all.