Alternative Living: Toothbrushing

Toothbrushes haven’t always been as they are today. Honestly, today’s dental care is considered by many to have a lot of excess to it, in comparison to the actuality of the necessary hygienic practices needed to maintain healthy teeth. Additionally, dental work is expensive and the overall worry of your teeth not being cleaned correctly could be a major issue in your teeth not being healthy to begin with. Scientific studies of Schieir and Carver have concluded that having optimism in thoughts regarding overall physical health, truly affects physical health. In thinking you are healthy, the body is sent messages from the brain to take care of the necessary prerequisites to maintain good health. If you’re constantly saying, I need to brush my teeth 3 times a day and use fluoride toothpaste “or else” my teeth will start to decay, then chances are, you may experience a dependency on these things and also a potential increase in tooth decay when not using the recommended products.

Although, the power of thought is powerful, i’m not telling you to stop brushing your teeth. What i’m trying to get at is that there is other alternatives that could potentially benefit individuals on an overall health level and cut down on the unwanted additives of toothpastes and also the wear and tear on the teeth due to excessive brushing. Since early Babylonian times, there has been a tool for dental hygiene. This tool is known as a chewing twig or stick. This stick is usually harvested from a tree that has a pungent aroma to freshen breath. The tool is sharpened on one end for the use of a pick and the other side is chewed. Eventually through this process, the end of the stick becomes frayed, eventually resembling what we see now as a tooth brush. These chewing sticks are still used, most commonly during the fasting of Ramadan.

Another alternative to the toothbrush is a banana peel! A ripened banana should be peeled and eaten and afterwards take the peel and rub the inside of the banana peel on the teeth. The ripened banana indicates that the fruit peel is rich in potassium which ultimately, whitens teeth!
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