Alternative Living: Bladeless Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans haven’t always been run by electricity nor were they self operating. In historical cases they were found to have been operated through a too and fro motion through the use of a hanging cord. In later cases they were operated with the power of a water turbine. The commonly used electric ceiling fan was invented in 1882 by Phil Diehl.

In the use of these traditional style ceiling fans there can be some unwanted cons such as the amount of space needed for the overall clearance of the blades, secondly, the potentiality of accidents happening in the radius of those ceiling fans. Additionally, those bladed ceiling fans aren’t exactly the quietest bunch, are they?  Luckily, Innovative designer, Richard W. Hallsall and partners invented the bladeless ceiling fan, known as the “Exhale Fan”. This new technology and edition has many great feats including lower sound decibel, only 36” in diameter, and an overall decrease in overall electrical wattage used by 50%-70%. The sound decibel reached by the Exhale Fan is around 40 decibels which is said to be equivalent to a quiet library. This technology has seen a very large decrease in accidents involving the collision of the fan.
These fans are cost efficient and have a variety of color to compliment all forms of interior designs.