Accent Exterior Stairs Create Unique Personal Touch to Home Design

Often overlooked as an important architectural component in our home’s design – staircases can be used as intriguing elements emphasizing our touches of personality, overarching themes, and style preferences. 

Tiled accent staircase as part of Mexican home's exterior design |
Tiled accent staircase as part of Mexican home’s exterior design

In a small beach town, just over the border of Arizona in Mexico, intriguing outdoor staircases leading up to elaborate facades and hidden passageways play a prominent role in their household’s exterior persona. 

Mosaic tile work is a common design element, staying true to the Mexican artistry of the country. Often hand-painted motifs, ranging from floral patterns to rural scenes of beaches with surrounding cacti and palm trees. Colors range as well. From bright Santa Fe Blue and vibrant hot pink to mustard yellow and adobe red, there are a myriad of options for those eager to bring a taste of the local artistry into their exterior landscape. 

Other common styles include accent staircases. Similar to famed accent walls, these staircases showcase a vividly contrasting color to the surrounding fixtures. It stands out in a minimal, yet completely eye-catching way. It is a simple and yet effective  tactic for creating a brilliancy of poignant space separation without exaggerated features. 

The exterior staircase is not a feature we tend to pay much attention to. It’s an architectural feature mostly noticed in beach towns and other properties immersed by robust and scenic outdoor arenas. 

In places where homeowners choose to make this element another exterior draw of its credentials, we are drawn to its methodical enhancement. They compel us to come forth and venture upon them. Almost as if they are saying,”I am useful, as I am beautiful.”