6 Smart Add-On’s to Your Well-Built Custom Home Gyms for Health Hermits

Prefer to work out at home? Check out these 6 smart add-ons for inspiration on your next home gym conversion, renovation, and custom-built project.

6 smart additions your perfect custom home gym for inspiration and ideas | padstyle.com
6 smart additions your perfect custom home gym for inspiration and ideas

Full mirror walls – Just like a real gym, you want to see your bod from every angle. Consider installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors on at least one of your main at-home gym walls

Mounted Televisions – Watch the news or your favorite sports game as you work out in style. Just like a real gym, except you get to control whats on the big screen as you work out.

Weight Rack – Get yourself a custom built weight rack capable of holding your loose weights, ball weights, and other equipment to keep things organized around your home gym. There is nothing worse than tripping over a barbel!

Mini Sauna – Believe it or not, mini sweat rooms are easily to build than most people realize. Find the right wood and materials to create your own place to sweat off the rest of those unburned calories. You can even skip the temp controls by using a metal rack with steam rocks heated naturally to create both a steam / sauna environment. Of course, it must be enclosed and practice safety precautions.

Yoga mats – It is helpful to have floors that are easy on your ankles and joints when working out. Considering installing specialty mats or yoga mats as your floor for more bounce and less strain on your joints, muscles and ligaments as you hit the home gym.

Water station /sanitizing station – Grab a portable water cooler and a portable sanitizing station. You want to keep yourself hydrated with out having to run back and forth to your fridge. Plus, sanitizing is a healthy choice especially if you use your gym right after you get home from work or if you have guests staying over who might want to blow off some steam while they visit.

There are plenty of ways to improve your at-home gym experience. These will get you started on your journey to the perfectly well-built custom home gym of your dreams!