5 Best Iconic Office Chair Designs Each Created in 5 Distinct Styles

Hollywood Regency 

hollywood regency style office chair, the valencia boucle office chair sold by inmod | padstyle.com
The Valencia Boucle Office Chair is in a Hollywood regency style with a shimmery metallic base and white boucle fabric

Hollywood Regency style is marked by shimmery metallics, luxurious fabrics and a bold feminine style. The Valencia Boucle Office Chair has all that with a seat height adjustment and 5 smooth gliding castor wheels. 

Mid-Century Modern

mid-century modern style harry bertoia diamond wire chair for home office named the wire office chair sold by inmod | padstyle.c om
The Wire Office Chair comes in a iconic mid-century modern style designed in a similar style to the Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair / Wire Chair

Mid-Century Modern style has a variety of looks to it. This specific style is taken from an iconic classic mid-century modern design by Harry Bertoia. The Wire Office Chair has all its original features, only with extra office-ready additions. 

Retro Vintage 

retro vintage style albany home office chair sold by inmod | padstyle.com
The Albany Office Chair is a retro vintage office chair using a tan vintage-inspired color with cut-out detailing and castor wheels

Retro Vintage style has inspired accents like cut-out detailing and tufting, vintage colors and high-quality fabrics giving you that old-fashioned retro feel. The Albany Office Chair has the retro vintage appeal needed to bring you back to another era, with built-in extras for the modern home office. 

Modern Contemporary

henley office chair is a good example of velvet modern contemporary style for the home office sold by inmod | padstyle.com
The Henley Office Chair is a modern contemporary office chair upholstered in velvet with cross double-stitch accenting and castor wheels

Modern contemporary style uses popular fabrics, contemporary accenting and comes in an array of new trendy colors. The Henley Velvet Office Chair has the up-to-date appeal with all the comfort needed to get the job done from home. 

Modern Futuristic 

modern futuristic office chair sold by inmod | padstyle.com
The Avalon Office Chair comes in a modern futuristic style made from one solid form of plastic with long slender legs with castor wheels attached

Modern Futuristic style has all the appeal of a captain’s seat on a starship. Marked by straight forward lines and solid form, it’s made from innovative materials. The Avalon Office Chair brings you up to speed in your day-to-day home office work routine. 

These 5 best office chairs each featuring a distinct style showcase the true meaning of comfort, quality and how to have a specific design motif in your modern home office.