3 Digital Renderings of Unfinished Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Come to Life

Frank Lloyd Wright, the most well-known American pioneer of mid-century modern architecture, has a boundless portfolio of iconic architectural designs. Three of his unfinished houses have been recreated by Angi and Neomam Studios.

Lake Tahoe Lodge Frank Lloyd Wright Sketch for Digital 3D Rendering padstyle.com
Lake Tahoe Lodge Frank Lloyd Wright Sketch for Digital 3D Rendering

In fact, more than 500 of his architectural visions never materialized and only exist as paper sketches. From these uncompleted works, the digital renderings created have breathed new life into these 3 projects – The Mrs. David Devin House (Chicago 1896), The Cottage Studio For Ayn Rand (Connecticut 1946), and Lake Tahoe Lodge (Lake Tahoe, California 1923).

They were recreated as exterior renderings and 3D digital floor plans. The Mrs. David Devin House did not have much to work with in comparison to the others. However, it did have an intricately detailed floor plan. It also unique in style relative to the other unfinished projects.

Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand was designed for well-known writer and author Ayn Rand. The cottage design was created by Wright for the author after a conversational interview they had years before regarding one of her novels. The design features a top level writing studio for her craft. The cantilevered cottage contains a myriad of whimsical features, such as cascading foliage, elegant fountains and uniquely shaped terraces. Louvered windows bring in natural light with plenty of air flow and views of the ocean.

Lake Tahoe Lodge is comprised of a variety of cottages placed along the shoreline in combination with an array of cabins among the bay. This was not a commissioned project and it was created for a 200 acre area near Lake Tahoe.

Each digital rendering of the 3 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings brings forth a new existence to his projects using modern technology as a resourceful tool for his timeless designs.