13 Ways to Achieve Organic Modernism in Your Interior Design

Achieving Organic Modernism is simple once you know the basics. Let’s get started on the 10 ways to make your interior design the organic modern palace you’ve been hoping for.

Organic Modernism Dining Room Curvy lines, smooth surfaces, anchoring white, one substantial textured piece | padstyle.com
Organic Modernism Dining Room Curvy lines, smooth surfaces, anchoring white, one substantial textured piece

Curvaceous Lines. You want to incorporate pieces with curvy, arching, and rounded silhouettes. Oval tables, round mirrors, arching backrests, and circular cut-out designs. Smooth edges mostly.

Slender Details. Narrow, slender, and sleek are your new best friend. More specifically, narrow legs, thin frames on mirrors, streamlined bases, tapered and airy designs. This helps direct attention to the more organic elements placed throughout your design.

Softer Sides of Rustic Industrial. Durable fabrics, earth-toned woods, textured rattan, mesh cane, and stone will make a significant impact on your organic modern design.

Earth Tones. The earth tone palette is absolutely a must when you are designing for organic modernism. Neutrals and naturals with splashes of earthy colors. Even incorporate hardier materials such as ceramics, leather, stone, marble and cane.

Variations of Modern. Don’t worry about the different “styles” of modern design such as mid-century modern, minimalist, Japanese wabi-sabi, ultra-contemporary, modern farmhouse, Hollywood regency, etc. It is less about the style and more about the other facets we are describing. The reality is you are CREATING an organic modernism style, therefore you can work with a myriad of furniture style types.

Organic Shapes. Steer clear of sharp angles on furniture. Stick to curves, arches, rounded forms. Even asymmetrical is a definite yes! One or two pieces with some sharpness will give your design an extra edge, but having none at all will not hurt it. Having too many will not be organic modernism. Better to avoid hard lines and sharp angles altogether if you can.

Concentrate on Natural. If you start off with one room or a special corner in your home, such as a reading nook, opt for furniture in natural materials. A gorgeous mango wood with rattan detailing dresser, or a boucle fabric arching chair with cut-out accenting. Don’t overdo it with the placed accenting in the room, corner or interior design. A few details and accents here and there on the actual piece itself is plenty.

Effective Lighting. Be bold with your lighting and have one distinct light in your rooms design that will make a significantly visual and practical impact.

Do Minimalism. Less is more and don’t clutter, crowd or over complicate your design with too many pieces.

White is Right. Make white the central color. We know it seems plain, but if you really want to nail down organic modernism, you want white to be your base color. You also want white to be one of your main colors in your furniture, decor and fixtures.

Texture. If you add too much texture, your place will be on the verge of rustic contemporary, jungalow, and / or eclectic. That being said, your organic curvy lined furniture and white base will look stunning with one major textured furnishing. In an organic modern dining room, you could have a real cane rattan chair with a rounded back and woven seat. The rest of the surrounding furniture can be in that clean, minimal, organic look, I’ve been describing.

Perfect Amount of Plant Life. Indoor foliage, plants, and real nature incorporated is a must. An entire wall of hanging plants might be bordering jungalow, but several plants within a room will definitely add wonders to your organic modern design. Dive deeper into big green leafy plants, and less into flowers.

Smoother is Better.  Smooth surfaces, less wood grain textures, bare minimal froo-froo frills or ornate pieces. You want neat, tidy, and super sleek.

Now that you know how to do organic modernism in your home, ready to get started? Start here. Tons of different types of organic modern designs and minimalist styles on inmod. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, you’ll be able to find organic modern designs on world market as well.

Organic modernism is the type of look I applaud for its chic, natural and beautifying qualities in every space transformed into this distinct style!