Top 5 Favorite Mango Wood Furniture Designs

Mango wood – attractive, strong, sustainable. We selected our top 5 favorite mango wood furniture designs to give you a head start on this popular new furniture wood.

Monterey Writing Desk

mango wood desk
Monterey Mango Wood Office Desk

This two-tier mango wood home office desk with a spacious top, slender legs and 2 cut-out handle drawers. Smooth, roomy and stylish. Choose from 2 different wood finishes.

Westland Nightstand

mango wood nightstands
Westland Mango Wood Nightstand

This retro mango wood nightstand complete with a natural cane facade and chunky conical legs. It comes with 2 spacious interior shelves and a smooth top surface. Choose from 3 different wood finishes.

Neville Buffet

mango wood sideboard buffet table
Neville Mango Wood Sideboard

This vintage-inspired mango wood sideboard has gorgeous pleated accordion style doors with a strong trestle base. Its inside features 4 spacious compartments with separating shelves. It comes in 2 different wood finishes.

Serafina Dresser

mango wood dresser bedroom
Serafina Mango Wood Dresser

This rustic contemporary mango wood dressers has shimmery brass finished peg handles with 3 spacious drawers. Its genuine rattan front creates texture and visual intrigue paired with its solid mango wood body. It comes in 3 different wood finishes.

Aries Side Table

mango wood end table
Aries Side Table

This is another rustic contemporary mango wood favorite. It can be used as an end table or side table with its sturdy, straight 4-legged base design and criss-cross reinforcements. Its perforated natural cane top adds texture and beauty to its design. It comes in 2 different wood finishes.

As you can see, mango wood furniture comes in a variety of styles and finishes. You don’t have to go full-on rustic contemporary to benefit from the variations of furniture design this attractive and solid wood has to offer.