What’s in Your Attic?





ATTICS ARE A SPACE WHERE YOU would usually find old books, boxes of winter clothes, and a skeleton or two. Well, time for a garage sale! Clean out your attic and turn into a useful area. A more practical way of using that tiny room upstairs might be to turn it into an extra bathroom. Perhaps, a better lit guest bedroom? It would be pretty neat to open up the ceiling and have windows lined up above the bed.

  • Dafydd Davies

    That bathroom 😮

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  • Thiago

    Attic bedrooms are the best! Throw in a bookcase, maybe a TV and some Murphy bed hardware, and you have what can only be described as the ultimate bedroom.

  • landlord furniture

    I love the idea of being a book shelf or a library in attic.
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  • Colein Carter

    Platform beds are perfect for attic bedrooms because they are much shorter than the convention beds. The modern platform bed are sturdy enough to withstand heavier loads. You might want to choose one that comes with a built in storage area, so you can really make the best use of your limited attic space. Check out some of them here: .