Ultra Violet & Lavish Fabrics in Design & Fashion

As you may have heard ultra violet is Pantone’s color of the year for 2018 combine this vibrant tone with lavish fabrics like velvet, satin, suede and silk for an incredible blend of comfort and luxury. From interior home furnishings and decor to fashion and beauty, glamour and lavishness are at the forefront of the trending minds.

ultra violet combined with velvet upholstery padstyle.com
ultra violet combined with velvet and satin upholstery
ultra violet tolix chair padstyle.com
ultra violet bastille cafe stacking chair


ultra violet modern living room padstyle
mid century modern ultra violet living room


Besides this color and fabric combination looking stunning and feeling good, if you know anything about color therapy, this blue based purple encompasses a dark and serene blue, similar to the depths of the sea or the night sky with the imaginative and creative force of bright purple, a color that is mostly seen in the blossoming of a flower or in the far reaches of outer space.

ultra violet and satin high heels padstyle.com
ultra violet and satin high heels
ultra violet suede penny loafers padstyle.com
ultra violet and suede moccasins / penny loafers
ultra violet fashion padstyle
ultra violet in velvet and silk chiffon

This blending of micro and macro cosmic forces showcase the richness of the era in wealth of fortune and wealth of inspiration. Adding this color and fabric mixture into both your interior and exterior design will evoke a calming yet motivating strength to your space.