Trending: Bold Wallpaper Accent Walls

Wallpaper is coming back and in a VERY BOLD way. From rainforest scenes to geometric patterns, wallpaper is replacing painted accent walls in a big comeback interior design trend as we step into the 2021 new year.

design trend 2021 bold wallpaper accent walls

How do you add a wallpaper accent wall to your homes interior design? To keep it from looking mismatched and overwhelming, choose your furniture and décor wisely by using 2 or 3 solid colors from the wallpaper’s design as a starting point. It’s also important to consider shape and form when making your choices. Need a little help? You can find a large selection of contemporary décor and modern furniture that will complement your bold wallpaper accent walls from

Be sure to not cover every wall with the wallpaper either. Choose only 1 wall for the wallpaper. However, you CAN add color using paint to the adjacent walls. If you are having trouble choosing the perfect color, best to go with a paint color that matches at least 1 of the relevant colors in the wallpaper’s design.

design trend 2021 bold wallpaper accent walls

Many of the newly popular wallpaper patterns are busy. If you clutter the space with too many trinkets and decorations, you run the risk of the room looking smaller than it is. Prevent cluttering by being selective when choosing your décor and accents for the space. Going minimalist in your design approach can be beneficial in this instance, but it isn’t necessary to create a beautifully decorated room.

You can purchase unique accent wallpaper online from various sites, such as, and You are going to have to take measurements first, as most sites require you to specify the size you want. Some sites even allow you to customize your wallpaper by uploading your own image and graphics to use. They will print it for you as wallpaper at an additional cost. When uploading your own graphics, keep in mind resolution and the possibility for distortion. For example, some images taken on your cell phone will not necessarily translate onto a full wall accent wallpaper as clear and crisp as it appears on your device.

design trend 2021 bold wallpaper accent walls

Applying the wallpaper yourself can be tricky but with patience and steady hands, it is possible to DIY. First, be sure the wall you are placing the wallpaper onto is smoothed down. You don’t want any bumps. Plastering and sanding is a wise choice. Be sure to wipe it off clean of dirt and debris after you’ve smoothed it. Allow it to dry completely.

Using a paint roller, apply adhesive to the back of the wallpaper. There are wallpaper specific pastes used, such as cold water paste, to glue your paper to the wall. You have to wait about 2 minutes for the adhesive to activate. DO NOT wait longer than 2 – 3 minutes or the adhesive won’t stick. Wallpaper is placed on the wall in sections. This is the reason it is crucial you have a steady hand, the right tools to smooth it down and capable of aligning it properly.

You size the paper to the wall by overlapping it onto the adjacent walls, including but not limited to, any permanent fixtures such as door trim, window frame, ceiling, baseboard, etc. Any other objects mounted to the wall, such as light sconces, handles or electrical outlets should be removed altogether and then cut around them if necessary. Where the walls meet, fold the paper. Then using a sharp utility knife, cut the paper where it folds. This will give you a more accurate and precise alignment. Be sure to do each step with each section one at a time, and immediately. Otherwise, the adhesive is going to completely dry and you won’t be able to remove the excess the paper from the ceiling and adjacent walls after you fold it.

Use a contracting spatula (preferably one not made from metal – it could tear it!) to smooth down each section of wallpaper as you work. You don’t want any puckering or bubbles in your final wallpaper accent wall.

Some wallpaper murals are easier to apply than others. Repeating wallpaper patterns can get away with some overlapping or slight mistakes in the alignment. One large image needs more attention and precision when applying to the wall. Otherwise, it’s not going to look like the way you envisioned it!

design trend 2021 bold wallpaper accent walls

Wallpaper accent walls are an impressive way to change the appearance of your home without having to redecorate the entire space. They are replacing the old trend of solid color walls, combined with eclectic patterned décor, for the newest trend in interior design – featuring eclectic patterned accent walls (using wallpaper, of course!) mixed with solid colors and simple shapes.