Tree Houses Of the World

All the great apes of the world have built their homes in trees to escape the dangers that lurk on the ground whilst resting. It is believed that as human beings began to evolve they may have taken on some of these adaptations for living conditions. It is said that the Archaic humans, nearly 40,000 years ago, lived in such homes. Even today there are some indigenous people of Korowai, a Papuan tribe in the southeast of Irian Jaya who still reside within tree houses!

In the mid 1990’s in Europe and the United States the desire for these treehouses in backyards of suburban homes became more popular. With this spark, there has been an increase in the expansion of different architecture and purposes of these structures around the world.Globally, tree houses have sprouted up for all the right reasons!

In New Zealand is where the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant resides and is only opened for very special occasions such as formal dinner parties and events.

In Harads, Sweden there is a hotel that has multiple themed rooms such as the mirrored-cube and the UFO suites.

Surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms upon awakening, architect Terunobu Fujimori created The Teahouse Tetsu in Hokuto, Japan.

In Aquitaine, France, the Chateaux dans les Arbres has a gorgeous panoramic view and a breathtaking castle aesthetic except it is entirely made of wood to give it that authentic treehouse feel.

Residing in British Columbia the Three-Story Tree house is an attraction at British Columbia’s Enchanted forest, This treehouse is open to those attending the Enchanted forest theme park.

There are many other tree-houses built throughout this world, get inspired! Maybe even get started on your very own in your backyard. Fulfill those childhood dreams as these architects did and create!