The Nation’s Largest Elevator Inside of Bass Pro Shop & The Lookout Restaurant and Bar in Memphis, TN

Upon entering Memphis, a 300 foot pyramid stands holding a Bass Pro Shop, hotel suites, a restaurant and the nation’s largest elevator. Entering the shop is a wonderland for hunters, anglers, gun enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The entire shop is designed to resemble the great outdoors with faux trees and foliage, lakes and filled with some of large bass, salmon and carp. One of the tanks even holds two medium-sized alligators in it. Around every corner is a mounted life-sized wild pig, grizzly bear or deer. You’ll find outdoor gear anywhere from hunting camouflage and rifles to hiking boots and fishing poles. The second floor has contemporary rustic hotel suites and accommodations for guests.

The second floor also has a gun and rifle museum with hand-carved rifles for purchase some of which start at over $80k each. In the center of the shop, you can’t miss the massive elevator, the nation’s largest to be exact. It takes visitors 300 feet in the air for a fee but you’ll receive a coupon for a discount once you reach the top, where The Lookout restaurant and bar exists. Large glass paneled windows and a balcony is open for guests to enjoy the view while they dine or to step outside and take in the sites.

The view overlooks the Mississippi River, where you can see both the states of Tennessee and Arkansa at the same time. The restaurant’s design theme shares both a contemporary rustic combined with touches of modern luxury and industrial metal sculptures. The menu’s are completely bound in leather and the entire interior is wood paneled.

The ceiling is hand painted in blues and greens like the waves of the ocean and in the center of the bar stands a large, spherical fish tank with a variety of fishes of all different sizes in a aquamarine oasis. Intricate metal sculptures of sea creatures such as frogs, fishes and fishing gear like harpoons hang above you.

The Bass Pro Shop and The Lookout at the Pyramid is a great place to enjoy an aerial view of Memphis, a meal and a wonderland for hunters, fishermen and those who love the great outdoors.