Sustainable Design: Vegan Leather Made from Cactus

As more people delve deeper into the world of veganism, companies are coming up with new and innovative plant-based fabrics for fashion and furniture. The vegan leather, named “Desserto,” is a soft leather made from cacti.

Leather Made from Cactus

The new plant-based material was developed by 2 Mexican designers located in Zacatecas. Both have worked in the automotive and fashion industry. They understand the environmental impact in both sectors. This vegan leather is cruelty-free, sustainable, contains no toxic chemicals, phthalates or PVC.

There is no harm to cows, minimum water usage and absorption of carbon dioxide. The vegan leather is durable enough to maintain its quality for at least 10 years time.

The vegan leather is produced on the Desserto farm. It is partially biodegradable, flexible, soft to the touch, does not stain and it is breathable.

Sustainable Vegan Leather

During the harvesting process, farmers honor the natural cactus cycle for selecting which leaves from the plants to use. Typically, it is only the mature leaves after 6 to 8 months. The cactuses grow organically, with no irrigation systems in place. Only the use of natural rainwater and minerals from the earth.

Once the leaves are cut, they are dried naturally by the sun for 3 days. This is for the desired humidity levels to be reached. Next, the leaves are mixed with non-toxic chemicals. Then, they are shaped into texture and color. Anything not used in the making of the vegan leather is exported and sold nationally to the food industry.

The leather is designed to be used anywhere from fashion like footwear and clothing to furniture upholstery and interior in automotives.