The “Sheet Speaker” Scandinavian Inspired Design

The days of bulky speakers are behind us with the creation of the Sheet Speaker by Swift Creatives. The sleek and chic speaker offers high-end audio but with a scandinavian-inspired design.

In essence, the speaker blends in perfectly with a mid-century modern, contemporary or minimalist style. As we know, functional, minimal and stylish are the fundamentals of today’s contemporary design.

The sheet speak is also a “smart” speaker. It can be controlled either manually, via an app or through voice command to change the volume. The interface was inspired by sliders in music studio mixing desks.

The design is slim and resembles a sheet of fabric. When the speaker is turned on, it slightly transforms. A circular area around the woofer extends outwards by nearly an inch to make room for its oscillations and to enhance the sound. The area is highlighted by a ring of light.

It can lean casually against a wall or freestanding on the floor.