Stimulate Creativity & Cure Writers Block Using Magnetic Poetry

Scrambled words can be turned into poetry and personalized decor with this creative writing aid.

magnetic poetry

Magnetic word art prints individual words and letters on separate magnets so you can arrange and rearrange them in any you’d like combining words, phrases and turning them into poetry or short stories.

magnetic poetry

They are perfect for helping with writers block or can be used as collaborative and interactive game between you and others.

multiplayer magnetic poetry

They can also serve as positive quotes, affirmations, words of encouragement or as goals you want to accomplish – the best part is they can stick to anything that is magnetized like your refrigerator, a magnetic calendar or a whiteboard – so you will be able to see them all of the time.

magnetic poetry on refrigerator

They can serve as fun learning tools for both children and adults in becoming familiar with a language, organizing thoughts or for enhancing creative writing skills.

Magnetic poetry comes in many different themes and topics ranging from more whimsical packs with words like “sunset” and “dreamy” to more challenging packs with words like “conducive” and “apparatus” to the more adult-friendly fun packs with insulting words or dirtier words.

“The Artist” magnetic poetry kit

Magnetic word art is interactive wall art and decor with a multifunctional purpose – activating creativity while having fun and beautifying your space all at the same time!