Proposed Amorphous Sarcostyle Skyscraper for NYC Skyline

A proposed skyscraper for the NYC skyline was conceived by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio.

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It is unlike the surrounding buildings, mainly geometric with clean-cut and sharply defined lines. This innovative skyscraper has an amorphous shape and fluid organic form.

Although the size equates to its neighbors, the skyscraper draws inspiration from biology, including anatomy and cells. This skyscraper design provides a striking contrast impossible to ignore.

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Seemingly coiling into and onto itself, both the unique shape and the voids created within its weavings provide remarkable views from several different angles. From one angle it appears like an abstract sculpture of an elephant. From another angle it appears like the hollow sandy formations found in the Southwest.

Intriguing skyscraper design has been a recently popular subject in design circles for the past decade. For a famous skyline, such as the NYC skyline, this incredibly head-turning concept will create waves throughout the world if seen come to fruition.