Nothing Is Original. Uncover Your Style

Kill your idols! …Just kidding… simply recreate them! Someone once told me “nothing is original” being the argumentative person i am, we got into a very philosophical debate regarding the matter, however, after much contemplation i decided that the word choice was poor but not necessarily untrue so i will expand on the idea of evolving an “original” idea into something stylized, whether that be through combining other “original” ideas or by tweeking just a few things from the design.

Alex Grey | Artist

Firstly, I must say that we often think of originality based on what we are exposed to. If we arent frequenting the internet in search of something similar or within the same genre or if we aren’t immersing ourselves within or exploring other artists, designers or places by physically interacting with them, we often think what we create is a totally new and fresh idea. It probably isn’t, especially if we are all interacted whether that be directly or not, but has it been executed yet? Has it come into the forefront of popular media or even alternative media?

So here’s the deal: whether if it has or if it hasn’t, create your idea. I mean, take it out of your conceptual mind from the realm of possibility into the actual materialized or digital world, something that can be seen or felt, or experienced by other people. Allow other people to observe it, allow others to interact with it, get feedback from others, connect with similar artists, inspire others. It doesn’t matter whether or not another is doing something similar, everything you do is distinctly yours as long as you created it with the intention of creating for the sake of creation.

Chris Dyer | Artist

Alex Grey | Artist

The beauty of creating something similar to another is seeing the connection and commonality between the two and then observing where there is a difference. The difference is you. The difference is one aspect of your personal style.