New Wave of Navajo Artistry

The next generation of navajo artists are making waves in Phoenix, Arizona. Chandlee Begay, is exhibiting his hand-woven navajo rugs, tapestries and artwork at the mid-century modern art space, The Hive, in Phoenix, Arizona.

In the art exhibition, remanence of the painted plateau, Begay showcases his various artworks inspired by the culture and natural history of the Colorado River plateau, and reflects his own Native heritage.

Many of his tapestries and rugs are adorned with colors and patterns symbolizing traditional navajo cultural and spiritual beliefs. For example, the four colors, black, white, blue and yellow, symbolize the four cardinal directions, North, East, South and West. Each color representing a different direction.

Navajo rugs, tapestries, baskets and beadwork are prized among collectors for their artistry. Adorning the interior design of your home with such works is a timeless accent to any Southwestern contemporary style.

Begay’s other works include southwestern nature photography and paper crafts inspired by the natural landscape.

More modern artists are emerging on the scene showcasing their connection to their native american heritage, especially in the Southwest region.