Nest Dining Table by MacMaster Design

nest-dining-table-1   nest-dining-table-2 nest-dining-table-3

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED what would happen if the makers of Jenga got into the furniture-making business?  Me neither.  But after looking at the Nest Dining Table from MacMaster Design, I was left speculating what other Hasbro games could serve as inspiration for furniture designers.

Composed of a graduate layering of solid timber reminiscent of your favorite block stacking game, the Nest Dining Table is accentuated by a glass top that at once highlights the intricate pattern below while creating the illusion of instability.

Designed by Limahl Asmall, the Nest Dining Table is an impressive reminder that even the most functional article of furniture can be used as an instrument of self-expression.

But at a price of over $4,000, it’s definitely giving all dining tables a run for their money.