Modern Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas

Now that you have purchased that exquisite dining table you have always dreamed of, it is time to think about the centerpiece displayed on it. Centerpieces add to the entire appearance of your dining room motif. If you are worried about them taking away from the dining table, remember they are accents. They will only amplify the overall style of your dining table. If you are working with an older dining table, they can even make it look brand new!

Botanical Centerpieces

Botanical centerpieces of beautifully arranged fresh flowers add a natural and classic look to your dining room. Flowers can last up to a week or more with the proper care and maintenance. Be sure to add plant food to water. If any leaves or petals fall into the water, discard them immediately! They pollute the water causing your flowers to wilt faster. Alternative takes on fresh flowers include succulents and cacti. These last much longer and provide splashes of green, purple and maroon to your display. Plus, they are very modern and unique looking!

Vases and Decorative Bowls

Vases and decorative bowls come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. From ceramic and metallic to transparent and painted, there is one for every style. The empty vessels bring a minimalist accent to your dining decor. They look particularly exceptional in modern and contemporary dining rooms. However, some vases and bowls have more intricate details, blending in beautifully with transitional and traditional design motifs.


Candles make another classic centerpiece for your dining room table. You can choose to light them during a special meal or leave them unlit in a modern candle holder. They can be arranged in varying heights on a decorative plate or placed in contemporary candle holder with tealights. They complement a wide range of styles. Use in contemporary, transitional or traditional design settings.

Seasonal / Holiday

For those looking to add a seasonal flair or holiday cheer to their dining room, seasonal centerpieces can be changed throughout the year. For autumn, try an arrangement of pinecones and pumpkins. For winter, holly berries wrapped around large white candles. For summer, a yellow vase with dried lavender poking out from the top. For spring, fresh tulips arranged in a minimal and modern vase. The possibilities are endless!

Now that you know some of the modern dining room table centerpiece ideas, give them a try! It will amaze you how quickly a dining room table accent will positively change the look and feel of your home.