Mod Focus: Molded Plastic Rocker

This week’s mod focus is on the Molded Plastic Rocker by USA design duo Charles & Ray Eames. Originally designed in 1948, the earlier version of this design was a stationary armchair and made of fiberglass.

Molded Plastic Rocker

The Molded Plastic Rocker was featured in a collection of molded shell chairs introduced at MoMa during an international competition for low-cost furniture. This revolutionary concept was one part of a plan to create modern, high-quality, ergonomic furniture that could be mass-produced and affordable for everyone.

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To keep costs down, the shell changed from fiberglass to molded plastic. In general, the shell chair concept is extremely versatile. Placing the same exact design, in proportion, color and size, on many different types of bases spoke volumes about its functionality and flexibility. This was especially true of the Molded Plastic Rocker. Its rocker base is unlike any other base with the shell chair attached to it.

This modern iconic rocking chair is still available in high-quality reproductions. There has been very few changes to the design since its original creation in the 1940s. Fortunately for us, the Molded Plastic Rocker has withstood the test of time.