Mod Focus: Bastille Cafe Stacking Chair

This week’s mod focus is on the Bastille Cafe Stacking Chair by French designer, Xavier Pauchard. Originally named the Marais / Tolix Chair, it was created in 1934 in France. This incredibly popular chair has adorned home patios, dining rooms, restaurants, bistros and a variety of businesses ever since its creation.

Bastille Cafe Stacking Chair

Xavier Pauchard was one of the first designers to understand galvanized steel. He was considered one of the pioneers of this raw material during the 1930s. In his early career, he was a roofer and zinc worker. He discovered he could prevent rust from forming on sheet metal by dipping it in molten zinc. This is the reason the Bastille Cafe Stacking Chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The manufacturing techniques to create the Bastille chairs is virtually the same as it was when it was originally created. The design is rust-proof, weather resistant and stackable.

yellow tolix chairs | The Fashion Medley

The Bastille Cafe Stacking Chair is a well-known staple among industrial designers and with those who have a taste for industrial style.

Bastille Cafe Stacking Chair (Weathered Wood Seat)

Its original color came in silver, but today, it comes in a variety of finishes including its original color. From cherry red and dark gray, to antique turquoise and weathered wood, there are many to choose from! You can even find this popular design as barstools and counter stools.

The Bastille Cafe Stacking Chair’s historical design and retro style is still admired today. There are accurate reproductions of the original design available for you to own at online modern furniture stores.