mobelform doc sofabed

A SOFABED THAT DOES DOUBLE DUTY, Mobelform’s Doc folds out into not one, but two twin sized beds stacked one atop the other: in short, a bunk bed. Included are the necessary mattresses as well as a ladder and short rail to prevent mid-night tumbles. Note that the rail only guards one side, so Doc (and its larger, more expensive cousin, Doc XL) is best positioned with its back to the wall.

  • John

    Great piece of furniture! The pictures are amazing on this sofa bed.


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  • sonia

    what is the price

  • Cyndi

    it is the upwards of $6000

  • patricia

    is there any store in the washerhington dc area where I could see it and buy it?

  • Tasneem

    but the top bunk has no side! i could easily fall off and end up in casualty!

  • luxxury livving

    Wow, what a fabulous design idea, I’ve never seen anything like this!

  • Pebblebreeze

    I only Ernie & Bert were so stylish

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  • Hector

    “Note that the rail only guards one side, so Doc (and its larger, more expensive cousin, Doc XL) is best positioned with its back to the wall.”

  • jo


  • Rajiv Tewari

    Highly appreciable, great effort.

  • corsean

    It always amuses me when people get scared of falling of a bunk bed. How many times have you fallen of your regular bed?

  • muskrat

    This is like new Shimmer–the floor shiner AND a dessert topping!

  • Shanot

    where can i purchase this?

  • Noemi Santana

    It is a great idea but not for $6,000. That’s pretty much ridiculous. I’ll wait for the knock off at $899 thank you.

  • College Dude

    This will be awesome for my college apartment

  • FD

    What about dust from the floor, won’t that be on the top bunk bed? Does it come with a cover to protect it from dust?

  • Jason

    Now if you were to adapt this mechanism for motorhome use…wow!

  • Robyn

    I have slept on a top bunk bed with no sides for years. If you fall off you’re an idiot.

  • verb

    dust? its not ON the floor FD,,,

  • Eric

    Beautiful – But is nit comfortable?

  • Guilherme

    This will be awesome for my college apartment too.. I think this is excellent

  • Michael Lennon

    Any hotel using these sofas/bunk beds? Let me know, thanks.

  • Gear Knobs :

    bunk beds should be made from strong materials like steel or better yet composite fibers~”

  • Personalized Mugs :

    sofa bed are very very comfortable and i love to sleep on them ”

  • vedette

    This chair gives me this feel of being less comfy that those regular sofas.

  • MAYERLY Hill

    I LOVE THIS bed sofa w.e it is. I WANT ONE were can i go see one and buy one in NEW YORK? help pleasee

  • dolly

    Please let me know where I can see this in person and purchase it in the San Diego, CA. area.

  • mobile phone online

    Great thinking. Im curious to believe what type of impact this would have globally? Sometimes men and women get just a little upset with global expansion. Ill check back to see what you might have to say.

  • refurbished iphone

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  • a1759402

    I’ve said that least 1759402 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

  • Katy

    WHERE CAN I BUY THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Jrbw

    Where can I purchase this? It is perfect for our cabin.

  • eileen melrose

    Hi I live in australia and wondered if you sell these here if so where can they be purchase Thanks Eileen

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  • Daisy Gomes

    Eu moro no Brasil, e gostaria de saber o preço do sofa e se voces enviam para o meu pais.

  • Rafael Colon

    Hi I live in New York City Where can I purchase this? It great for small apartments….Any stores here ?

  • Valentina Haze

    (scroll down to sofa bed & bunk bed)

    you’re welcome.

  • Zoe

    I love this sofa bed, it has such an ingenious, versatile design! I’ve used it in my blog:, thanks!

  • Very Interested

    I live in Pennsylvania. Where can I purchase this and how much does it cost? The sofa/bunk bed is a GREAT idea!!!

  • Guest

    Yes i agree. Sofa beds are very comfortable and serves the purpose of bed as well when needed.

  • Cozy sectional sofa beds

    Sofa beds serve the purpose of bed as well when needed. So it is better to buy sofa bed rather than sofa.

  • James

    Very cool, great for kids! We’re happy with this one too and they ship to New York, it seems a bunch of you are wondering about that…:

  • João Gabriel Almeida

    moro no brasil,quanto tempo demora pra chegar duas peças…