Mid-Century Modern Residence with Rooftop Conservation Terrace

Mid-century modern architecture has taken a new approach to conservation and integrating nature with infrastructure.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos designs Can Ras house on Mallorca island

A residential project called “Can Ras,” features a flat roof, single-level housing design with geometric compartments and exterior terraces on the rooftops of the residence.

From an aerial view, the rooftops seemingly blend in with the surrounding environment. It is hard to tell there is even a residence underneath the lush greenery. The entire residence is designed in staggered buildings but still unified along a single axis.

fran silvestre arquitectos' 'can ras' disappears into the forested ...

The highlight of the residence are the exterior terraces atop the roofs shaded by the neighboring trees and other foliage.

It is protected from harsh sunlight and blends in with the environment. Staying true to traditional mid-century modern architecture, the residence has large glass paneled windows shielding the interior from the elements while allowing them to have a large-scale view of the natural landscape outside.

Can-Ras-by-Fran-Silvestre-Arquitectos-05 – aasarchitecture

The design was created by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. It is one of many future mid-century modern architectural projects.