Mid Century Modern Architecture: Geodesic Domes

Less can give a lot more! In the 1940s, Buckminster Fuller aka “Bucky” designed a shelter called the geodesic dome. In the spirit of mid century modern design and architecture, he wanted his domes to give the most benefit for the individual and society as a whole using the least amount of materials.

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The difference between the geodesic dome and lets say, a native american wigwam, is the structure is made using materials like aluminum tubing and is designed with triangles or polygons formed into a spherical shape. Whereas a wigwam is made using brush, bark and grass. Although similar, as an inventor and architect he wanted to perfect the “rough draft” of the wigwam design.

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He discovered the geodesic dome design showed unparalleled strength while being light weight and provided the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area. Dome structures circulate air more easily for natural heating and cooling and efficiently protect from many different types of weather conditions.

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Although the geodesic design received a lot of attention, its still waiting for its to time to shine as the standard for shelter which would benefit our environment and provide more homes for more people around the world.