Massimo Boat shape Conference Table

Transform your office into a sophisticated conference center. The Massimo Boat shape Conference Table is a modern, professional conference table that can be used for a variety of functions. For your next meeting, conference, seminar or other business event, inspire your guests’ confidence with the design of this table, which is complementary to much of the modern architecture in today’s office buildings. The 10-inch privacy panel between the two thick support beams is a functional touch, and the imperial cherry veneer will make this table an inviting location for any business meeting. The Massimo Boat shape Conference Table can be purchased for $1,855.00 from

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  • Rickey.

    Really looking very good. I must say that the authors taste regarding the home decoration,
    The color of the Conference Table is really match with the wall color.
    I really like the above decoration.
    Thank you author, your effort is highly appreciative.

  • Shellie

    Well thank you very much!