Married to your lighting?

Are you ready to make a long-term commitment to your lighting? This ring chandelier designed by Brand Van Egmond is fun yet elegant, flirty yet sophisticated. Why not treat your home to some gorgeous jewelry?

The Diamonds from Amsterdam pendant light is feminine, glistening, rich and it may just make your heart beat a little bit faster every time you look at it. This piece of art is nothing short of brilliant that would look absolutely stunning in a very simple, contemporary room that doesn’t offer too many other busy distractions.

The dangling pendant is unconventional and bold without being too flashy. The hoop features a groove all the way around that houses alternating lights and stones which all compliment one another exquisitely. The piece is available in an eye-catching traditional stainless steel or in a black stainless steel finish. The inside boasts the words Brand Van Egmond, written in the same way that one would inscribe their wedding band.

If you have a modern room that could use a little eye-candy without taking away from the simplicity of the space, the Diamonds from Amsterdam lighting sculpture may be what you’re looking for. You can view the entire 2011 collection at the Brand Van Egmond website.