Make The Right Choice: Mid Century Dining Tables

When we think about decorating or redesigning our homes, we often go room by room when choosing our decor. The dining room is especially important considering this is the main area for family dinner, holidays and to entertain guests. So let’s talk dining tables specifically modern dining tables!

Saarinen Tulip Oval Dining Table
Saarinen Tulip Oval Dining Table (shown above)

Mid-century modern dining tables are truly the best option when choosing dining tables because they fit in and look good with pretty much any room design.

Noguchi Cyclone Dining Table

For example, most mid-century modern dining tables feature a unique design without being overtly ornate. Often times they feature sleek and clean lines with simple tops and more abstract or original base designs. They come in a variety of shapes (square, rectangle, round) with a multitude of color options to choose from.

If you are having trouble deciding which modern dining table to choose, just remember you really can’t go wrong when designing your dining room or kitchen area if you stick with the mid-century modern dining table style!