Now You See it, Now You Don’t: Lucite & Acrylic Furniture

The reason we love lucite furniture? There are several! Aside from it being a popular trend this year set out to replace mirrored furniture, lucite and acrylic has a special place in the home.

Ideal for Smaller Spaces

Lucite furniture is typically transparent. This means it doesn’t leave as much of a visual mark on the overall design in a room. It expands the space and can go unnoticed in smaller rooms. While it is useful and functional, it helps to open the space without appearing overbearing.

Neutral Perfection

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Want to add the perfect neutral to your color palette? Lucite furniture is the ultimate example of neutral furniture. Whether your home is decorated in bold sapphire blue hues or in shades of blush pink with single patterned printed walls, lucite furniture will fit in with the motif.


Lucite furniture can be placed in practically any interior design style and blend in seamlessly. If you are in need of another piece of furniture but don’t want to heavily impact the design, opt for lucite furniture.

Easy to Maintain & Keep Clean

Unlike upholstered and some wooden furniture, lucite furniture can easily be wiped clean after a messy dinner or after dirt and debris clings to it while outdoors. Plus, if you have pets, you won’t be vacuuming or rolling them with a lint brush every other day.

Illusive and Funky

Image result for lucite furniture in blue room

Design wise, lucite and acrylic furniture is ultra-contemporary and incredibly funky! Not all lucite and acrylic furniture is clear either. You can get chairs, consoles, tables and benches in transparent colors like red, blue and green. The clear and transparent designs can look like they are floating in mid-air!

Lucite Legs, Arms, Bases

Not all lucite and acrylic furniture is entirely made of those materials. Lucite and acrylic features on specific furniture designs such as the arms, legs and bases are not distracting. They enhance the other aspects of the furniture design.

Lucite and acrylic furniture is intriguing without being overtly domineering. While it still has eye-catching qualities, it is an easy way to blend modern style with your homes interior design.