Looking for the Perfect Piece of Furniture? The Amphora Couch by desforma is It!

If a single piece of furniture could define the word contemporary, the Amphora couch by Desforma furniture would be it. The piece literally screams for attention without being obnoxious. It is surprisingly comfortable, exceptionally crafted and simply elegant. In fact, the entire collection by Desforma is stunning and years ahead of its time. Just when you fall in love with one couch the Gravity chaise lounge or Safari sofa will catch your eye, making your decision that much harder!

About Desforma Furniture

What is there to say about a company that manufactures their furniture by hand like pieces of art? The result is furniture that is mysterious in design and looks phenomenal from every angle. These are not pieces you toss up against a wall to hide the boring back. No, these functional art pieces deserve to be showcased in the middle of a room to admire from every angle.

Desforma uses pure wood when creating the structure of their furniture, not polyurethane mass so it is durable, stable and comforting to every inch of your body.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will impress your guests and invite you to relax, Desforma has something for you. Also, good news to Padstyle’s American readers, Desforma ships abroad so you can enjoy their gorgeous furniture too! Visit Desforma Furniture to view the entire exquisite collection and take your decor to a superior level.