Colorful Styles by Lazzari: Special Feature

Colorful Styles by Lazzari is a fresh, funky and functional storage solution for the modern home. If you’re looking for a way to organize while enhancing your home’s style, the modular storage containers from Lazzari are just what you need. They’re not only extremely practical, but they offer nearly limitless customization and combinations for the creative-minded interior designer in you.

The Padstyle office was lucky enough to get a sample of Lazzari’s products, and we liked what we saw. We got to try out a large, square, navy blue storage container with a tan leather handle and an ID slot for easy identification. The craftsmanship was nothing short of superb, and just what you would expect from a top-name Italian furniture producer. It fit on our office shelves, and is the perfect size for any standard bookshelf. We raved about the soft nylon combined with the rigid edges to keep its shape. And those of us who are a bit on the crazy side of organized absolutely adored the zipper top – you don’t realize how often things spill until you prevent that with a lid.

Lazzari offers not only these simple, modular, portable drawers, but also the storage modules to put them in. Cubed, rectangular, simple and stylish, they have storage solutions for all types. Each of their furniture pieces is designed to fit the varied-sized drawers and containers that Lazzari creates.

One of the features that will excite your imagination is the color palate that Lazzari products display. Navy blue, canary yellow, vibrant orange, rose red, lime green, beige, white and a whole bunch of playful patterns including bunnies, cherries, cars and flags adorn the storage bins. These can be mixed and matched to achieve your perfect color balance, or you can purchase multiple sizes in the same color for more uniformity.

We are impressed with the variety of modular storage containers and units that Lazzari offers, and we hope you are too.