Large Outdoor Harmonic Wind Chimes Enhance Exterior Design

Creating beautiful flower gardens for smell, decorating the land with interesting sculptures for sight and making stone pathways for function – but what about sound? An overlooked aspect of exterior design are the wonderful sounds with the use of large harmonic wind chimes which will enhance the atmosphere and landscape.

There are various sizes and shapes of wind chimes, but the most important feature to these wind chimes are the sounds they make when played.  You want to find a large wind chime with outstanding tones and a strong resonance. The large wind chimes I’ve experienced were  centrally suspended and made of thick aluminum tubes along with a heavy middle striker. They can be hung from a metal pole or suspended underneath a large canopy.

Consider the size of your back or front yard, the surrounding area and the placement of your wind chimes. I would recommend placing them in an area where wind and air flows freely so that they can actually play and perhaps centered in your garden or exterior design to allow the sound to travel in all directions.


Another great idea is balancing the larger wind chimes with smaller ones, placed at a farther distance that create a higher pitched tone. The sounds together create a serene and harmonious combination that will make you eager to spend time outdoors – even in the dead of winter!