kitzig mc1 recliner & sessel

The MC1 Recliner by Olaf Kitzig has an amazingly lightweight visual profile, complimented by organic curves that simultaneously evoke elegance and sensuality. Thick acrylic glass keeps the recliner stable, while simultaneously allowing for different color choices. The MC1 also features segmented leather-felt padding which is entirely optional although highly recommended – this is hard acrylic after all.

Germany-based Mobilia is currently distributing this stunning recliner and although its main retailer in the US is DWR, the recliner has yet to make it over the pond. For the time, the MC1 seems firmly seated on the Continent.

Also designed by Kitzig but still prototypical is his Sessel Arm Chair. The name is a bit odd as this chair has no arms, but it retains many of the same undulating characteristics of its little brother. Sessel is clearly a wider girth version of the MC1 with 20mm acrylic glass and a “Rueckseitige” varnish. Many thanks to Andreas for his help: Rueckseitige means “backside”; in other words, it’s lacquered on the backside.