Is Your Room Color Affecting Your Mood?

Do you know that a Missouri jail once painted blue teddy bears all over their pink cell walls to create a soothing environment and a large number of drunk tanks in jails across the country are pink to help calm intoxicated prisoners. If you find you are always in an unpleasant mood when you come home and you don’t know why, your color palette may be to blame.

Warm Colors

Your mind naturally finds many colors more warm and inviting than others:

  • Blue – Tranquility, reliability and harmony are represented by this color of the sky and ocean and can calm and promote creativity. Blue has even been found to lower heart rate.
  • Green – If you want to invite feelings of freshness and rejuvenation, green is a color that symbolizes good health.
  • Yellow – One of the most peaceful colors is yellow. It promotes enthusiasm, optimism and happiness. The softer the better!

Exciting Colors

Want to add vibrancy to your space, there are colors that naturally invoke excitement:

  • Orange – This is a color that expresses friendliness and energy but choose your shade wisely or your home could just look like a pumpkin patch.
  • Red – Here is a color that demands attention and it is proven that red can increase memory retention.
  • Purple – Once reserved for only royalty, purple is an exotic and passionate color that promotes an elevated quality of life and wisdom. Purple can be brash so watch your hue!

If you feel as though you lack energy and excitement in your home or even have signs of depression, anxiety or stress, a paintbrush may be all you need to change your mood for good!