Is it OK To Mix Glamor with Shabby?

If you’re a moderately proficient interior designer – even if you only have design experience in your own home – you’re probably pretty comfortable within a single “look”. You can pick out a high end, modern glass table that matches the gauzy curtains, or work within your retro-modern themed bar and barstools.

However, it can be tough to move out of your comfort zone. We want to help you achieve a new level of modern style, so we’re going to cover how to mix glamor – upscale, detailed and ultra-modern furniture – with shabby – antiqued, distressed and reclaimed furniture.

Shabby chic furniture has an organic feel, so it is a great natural compliment to the graceful curves of glamorous furnishings.

Try mixing a reclaimed wood table with a beautiful silk table cloth. This will give a touch of sophistication to an otherwise dull piece, and it will tone down the table cloth’s potentially overbearing sheen.

A nice overstuffed sofa with white linen upholstery can benefit from a touch of glamor with some silky colorful accent pillows or a nice throw. White linen is a staple of shabby chic, but it can get a little humdrum if it’s not dressed up.

Curvy glamorous furniture like a mahogany side table could be accented with a lacy table cloth or a distressed white wood picture frame.

A glamorous look all at once can be a bit overpowering, and shabby chic can come off as dis-organized. Together, they are combined to produce a look that will be elegant, versatile and unique – perfect for your modern home!